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Company History

Trident Systems Incorporated is a veteran-owned business founded in 1985 with one purpose in mind: to deliver innovative and affordable technology solutions for mission critical government and commercial needs.  Thirty years later, Trident continues to harness emerging technology to provide leading-edge solution to both the military and intelligence communities, as well as a broad spectrum of commercial and international customers.  

An exceptional team of systems engineers formed Trident’s initial core competency in Large Complex Systems Engineering.  That team grew steadily and put their capabilities to work supporting programs such as the AN/BSY-2, the US Navy’s first digital submarine combat system featuring fully integrated sonar and combat control functions.  We also became active in the DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, winning the first of many competitive awards and began transitioning our innovative solutions to DoD programs as well as commercial products.

At the dawn of the 21st century we began development of our second core competency, the design and development of advanced miniature radio frequency electronic systems.  From modest beginnings in the SBIR program, Trident developed and transitioned a number of compact digital RF systems including multi-function digital radio frequency transceiver for small UAV applications, an unattended ground sensor node for military and civilian security applications, and a secure communications converter for cross-connecting dissimilar radio networks.  This decade also ushered in Trident’s development of NSA certified cross-domain collaboration solutions beginning with Collaboration Gateway, a cross-domain solution for chat rooms, and leading to cross-domain Voice over IP (VoIP), video teleconferencing (VTC) and mobile cross domain solutions.  Following 9/11, Trident employed the lessons we mastered in developing the Admiral Gooding center to rapidly construct a command center for the 1st Air Force in a tent on Bolling AF Base supporting the air defense of Washington DC. Today an updated version of that command center, also designed and developed by Trident engineers, operates in a permanent building just a few blocks from the original location.

In 2010 Trident celebrated 25 years of business operations and shortly thereafter began the big step of transitioning the RAPTOR family of airborne radar products to space applications.   NASA, the US Air Force, DARPA, and several large US aerospace prime contractors are working with us to create a new generation multi-function RF payload system which can support radar, communications, intelligence and other applications on a small affordable satellite in low earth orbit.  Trident’s C4I products including the Sentry Node unattended ground sensor, the RDD rugged display unit, and the SCC secure communication controller matured and began transition to programs of record in the US and abroad.

Present Day
Trident’s thirty year track record of delivering affordable innovative technology services and products is being extended on projects from cyberspace to outer space.  We invite you to contact us with your most pressing mission critical needs to discuss how we can provide a solution tailored to your mission requirements.


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