Vision / Mission / Values

Trident Vision

A world-class team delivering technology solutions that make a difference.

Trident Mission

Providing innovative affordable technology products and services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

Trident Values

Trident’s values revolve around people…
  • Integrity

    We conduct business in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. Integrity is fundamental to our long-term success and will not be compromised.
  • Passion

    Trident’s success relies on individual passion and drive. We value high energy, and take pride in delivering affordable innovative solutions.
  • Candor/Respect

    Our ability to see clearly as a company depends on an open and honest exchange of ideas and opinions. We respect each person’s contribution and their expert opinions in addressing problems and opportunities as well as the authority of management in making decisions.
  • Quality/Performance

    Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services. We will hire the most-qualified candidates, and maintain an environment where Trident's employees can achieve their highest potential.
  • Innovation

    Our culture encourages creative thinking and an open discourse at all levels of the organization. We reach well beyond the status quo while managing risk in creating the future offerings of our company.
  • Team Work

    Collaboration and team work are the key enablers of our continued success. It is our diverse competencies operating in harmony to pursue common goals that allows us to achieve success in the challenging projects we undertake.

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