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Assured Collaboration Systems (ACS)

Assured Collaboration Systems (ACS) is Trident’s business area dedicated to the development and delivery of critical collaboration capabilities for the joint warfighter. Trident’s ACS is the leading provider of certified, reliable cross-domain and secure single-domain collaboration capabilities for the networked Coalition force.

ACS has a strong competency in the design, documentation, development, and testing of software for mission critical, secure cross-domain solutions subject to NSA and DIA certification and site accreditation.  We are also experts in the development of network topologies and security policy for multi-domain collaboration systems including chat, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video teleconferencing (VTC), Full Motion Video (FMV) and mobile solutions. ACS delivers robust and affordable solutions, leveraging our extensive experience with cross-domain certification, and proven commercial collaboration technologies.
ACS, in collaboration with its AFRL Rome Research Site Program Office, has established solid partnerships with a broad base of defense, intelligence, and international customers and industry partners to support the unique balance between the need for information sharing and information security requirements in modern operations.

Trident's solutions don’t stop with installation and accreditation: we stand by our assured collaboration solutions from requirements analysis through provisioning and full lifecycle support.

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