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Electronic Systems (ES)

Electronic Systems (ES) is Trident’s business area dedicated to the research, development, design and manufacture of digital Radio Frequency (RF) and processing technologies. Trident has developed the Multi-Function RF Electronics Unit (MFREU) and On Board Processors (OBP) product line which has become an industry leader in low cost, high performance, open architecture solutions for multi-function RF and processing systems. 

Using a flexible software-defined radio (SDR) architecture, this product line includes space-qualified and flight proven airborne units to satisfy intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), electronic warfare (EW), and communications needs.  Remote sensing, communication and data processing modalities have all been validated through years of flight tests in support of a range of Department of Defense and NASA customers and missions.  The MFREU’s compact high-performance design enables it to satisfy ground, UAV, smallsat applications and other applications where volume, weight, and power are at a premium.  Additionally, it has been used as a high speed digital processing and memory storage subsystem for larger payloads.

Trident’s experienced engineering staff offers many decades of expertise across a broad range of engineering disciplines, from advanced signal processing, RF/mixed-signal design, real-time embedded firmware and software, and mechanical packaging, with particular expertise in small form-factor, conduction-cooled, high performance programmable systems.  Combined with a highly capable systems engineering team and project management staff, Trident can operate as a mission partner for programs as well.  

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