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Integrated C4I Systems (ICS)

Integrated C4I Systems (ICS) is Trident’s business area dedicated to the design, development and deployment of innovative command and control systems. 

Solutions have been developed for a wide range of demanding missions and environments, including man-portable equipment for dismounted warfighters, unattended devices for long-duration surveillance, vehicle-based and man-portable communications interoperability systems, operations center video distribution and display, secure wireless networking and mobile, scalable, COTS-based networked intelligence and surveillance systems, as well as tools that analyze software changes to determine impacts on regression testing. With both US and international civil and government customers, ICS products are affordable and can be tailored to support a multitude of missions around the globe.

ICS also provides advanced facility engineering utilizing the latest off-the-shelf technologies to streamline creating and operating the next generation of command centers, conference rooms, electronic classrooms, collaboration facilities, and surveillance systems. Our team holds industry-recognized certifications in many disciplines, understands critical Information Assurance regulations, and routinely works in secure environments. Trident provides a full range of design/build services, including the design, installation, and support of audio/video, computer network, telecommunications, and electronic security and surveillance systems. 


Joint Air Defense Operation Center (JADOC)
Located on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, the CSG team has supported JADOC since 2004. The on-site support team has played an instrumental role in the design, installation, and on-going support of the technical infrastructure for more than a decade. Multiple upgrades, redesigns, and a large MILCON project have been planned and implemented with skill and dedication. Trident provides support in a range of areas, including: VTC, large scale fiber video switch, a large video wall, KVM switches and matrices, building system monitoring, and AutoCAD documentation. Additionally, Trident has provided Electronic Security Systems (ESS) support for the critical remote JADOC sites to include design, installation, and maintenance.

Enhanced Regional Situational Awareness (ERSA) 
Following the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, NORAD directed the establishment of a comprehensive visual surveillance and warning system for the National Capital Region (NCR), known as ERSA. The system utilizes long-range cameras, radar data, and flight plan data to create a complete air picture in protection of the nation’s capital. Trident Systems provides key software sustainment support to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) for this crucial mission.

The Office of Naval Intelligence Fleet Intelligence Specialist Team (ONI)
When ONI required a new video solution, the CSG team stepped up with the design and installation. All phases of the project under CSG control were completed on-time and under budget. The system was first configured at our corporate headquarters’ laboratory before integration in the final location. This allowed the Trident team to fine-tune and run tests to ensure quality control measures were met, reducing potential problems during installation.

MQ-4C Triton Project
In support of the Navy’s Persistent Maritime Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Office, the CSG team was selected to design and integrate a standalone video processing system supporting the training of MQ-4C flight crews. The project requires various skill sets found within the CSG team including: system design, AutoCAD, hardware integration, IA/EMSEC compliance, project management, and training.

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