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Radar & RF Systems (RS)

Radar & RF Systems (RS) is Trident’s business area dedicated to the research, development, design and manufacture of digital Radio Frequency (RF) technologies for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), electronic warfare (EW), and communications applications in ground, airborne, and space environments. With both US and international customers in mind, RS has developed Trident’s Multi-Function RF Unit (MFREU) product line, addressing low cost, high performance open architecture solutions for multifunction RF systems. The MFREU can be configured for ground, airborne, low earth orbit, and geosynchronous space applications. The MFREU’s capabilities include high resolution synthetic aperture radar imagery with scene change detection modes of operation. This can be coupled with both offensive and defensive electronic warfare capabilities, and communication/data modalities. Functionality and performance have been validated through years of flight tests in support of a range of Department of Defense and NASA customers and missions.

Trident’s experienced engineering staff offers many decades of expertise across a broad range of engineering disciplines, including advanced signal processing, RF, data conversion, FPGA-based hardware design, real-time embedded firmware and software, and mechanical packaging, with particular expertise in small form-factor, conduction-cooled, high performance programmable RF systems. RS has developed compact high-performance digital systems for smallsats, airborne use on small UAVs, and other applications where volume, weight, and power are at a premium.

Trident provides a complete range of simulation/modeling tools, engineering field integration support, and data collection and analysis staff to investigate extensions of the MFREU capability in third-party customer applications. Trident Systems also has a robust capability to plan and execute airborne flight test campaigns in a number of environments, providing everything from raw data to finished product/imagery, allowing optimization of system design and utilization.

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