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Trident Systems Receives Contract for Latest Generation Radio Interoperability Devices

Trident Systems has received a contract for delivery of Miniature Secure Communications Controller (Mini-SCC) radio interoperability kits to the United States Marine Corps (USMC). These kits provide USMC with voice bridge technology for immediate communications with partner nations.


Trident Systems Inc. has received a contract for delivery of Miniature Secure Communications Controller (Mini-SCC) kits to Marine Corps Fleet Marine Forces (FMF), providing radio interoperability technology for improved communications between the United States Marine Corps and partner nations. The contract includes delivery of new equipment, on-site training with each Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), as well as system lifecycle support.

The Mini-SCC supports voice bridging of disparate radio links including tactical radios, (HF, UHF, VHF), SATCOM, public safety radios, partner nation radios, VoIP and cellular networks. A key feature of the Mini-SCC is its ability to cross-link disparate audio devices regardless of type, half or full-duplex operation, encryption or frequency hopset. Multiple independent radio networks can be cross-linked while maintaining their own unique parameters (e.g. encryption, frequency).

Trident’s latest generation Mini-SCCv1.1 is a small form-factor (1.55” x 4.15” x 6.28”) man-portable unit for mobile operation and expeditionary use. The Mini-SCCv1.1 offers three-channel audio cross-connection, multiple VoIP streams, integral audio conferencing, support for AA batteries, 5590 batteries or AC power, waterproof packaging, and rapid configuration changes via front panel buttons. The Mini-SCCv1.1 has an active Authority to Operate (ATO).

“Trident is proud to support to the Marine Corps with this technology. The Mini-SCC is indicative of our commitment to provide secure collaboration and interoperability devices for our warfighters,” said James O’Looney, Vice President, Integrated C4I Systems Business Unit. We look forward to working with the fleet to improve communications with our partner nations.”


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