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Trident Systems Announces Major National Defense Software Upgrade

Trident Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a new, major software release for the Enhanced Regional Situational Awareness (ERSA) System, a system that provides comprehensive visual surveillance and warnings of threatening air scenarios for the National Capital Region (NCR).


Trident provides key software sustainment support for ERSA. The system utilizes long-range cameras, radar data, and flight plan data to create a complete air picture in protection of the nation’s capital. The latest release, titled ERSA 5.0, features a new real-time publish-subscribe message bus, live multicast video streaming, and an accredited Cross Domain Solution (CDS).

ERSA 5.0 will enhance the Joint Air Defense Operations Center’s (JADOC) visual surveillance and warning system. This functionality includes:

  • Use of Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard for real-time messaging
  • Delivery of high-quality, live-video streaming for all long-range cameras
  • Enabling bi-directional data transfers between multiple secure enclaves using a secure CDS

ERSA is one of the systems that protects the NCR. Trident provides sustainability support for the ERSA system to include the operationally fielded software, system upgrades and expanded capabilities, as well as the ERSA Support Center located at Trident’s headquarters.

“We are very excited about the deployment of ERSA 5.0. We conducted thorough testing and involved mission support operators throughout the process to ensure that this next generation system would provide increased operator effectiveness with a more secure architecture,” says Eddie Perez, Project Manager. “We have received very positive feedback from the operators noting improved video quality and system responsiveness.”    


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