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Radar & RF Systems (RS)



Multifunction RF Electronics Unit (MFREU) 
Multifunction RF Electronics Unit (MFREU) for Export

The MFREU is a complete multi-function RF back end that includes RF/IF frequency conversion, A/D and D/A conversion, processing, and product generation. The MFREU enables multiple RF functions on small mobile platforms including manned and unmanned aircraft, maritime, and ground applications. Giga-sample data conversion is tightly coupled to a reconfigurable Virtex-5 FPGA (UltraScale+ coming soon) with a flexible clocking/timing architecture resulting in a wideband, multi-channel transceiver solution. An integrated multi-core CPU and non-volatile data storage enable sophisticated multi-function RF behaviors and on-board signal processing to combine cross-cued ISR and EW capabilities in a single, small size, weight, and power footprint.



Space Qualifiable Digital RF Transceiver (SQDRT)
The SQDRT is a RAPTOR-derived transceiver being translated to the space environment to support Earth sensing and interplanetary applications. Available in 3U SpaceVPX or stand-alone configurations, the SQDRT supports a wide range of RF modes in a very small size, weight, and power footprint. A Single Event Effects aware Virtex-5 FPGA design (UltraScale+ coming soon), coupled with radiation-tolerant components and a robust electrical/mechanical design, provide a high-reliability platform for operation in harsh orbital and interplanetary environments. Based on programmable FPGA-based radar system heritage, applications include synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, communications and signal collection/analysis. First launch is planned for 2018.


COnDOR L or X-Band SAR Radar Instrument
COnDOR is a complete L or X-Band radar solution for real-time aerial radar imagery (SAR). Packaged for rapid integration into small manned or unmanned platforms, the COnDOR SAR is a flexible, high performance radar payload capable of multiple resolution and collection modes. Customization is also available.


The RAPTOR Transceiver is a flexible, high performance payload instrument available for development of multiple RF/radar modes and associated products. This RF/radar instrument is packaged for rapid integration into small manned or unmanned platforms. Customization is also available.

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