Secure Communications Controller

Radio Interoperability & Tactical Communications

Latest Generation Communication Cross-Connect Technology

Provides audio and data radio interoperability with remote radio control in an expeditionary package.

With flexible power supplies and adaptable interfaces, SCCv1.1 supports a variety of expeditionary missions. It is rack-mountable, 8″ deep, with all connections on the front, and supports MIL-STD-1275 power input, making it ideal for transit case or vehicle integration.

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Simultaneous Audio/Data Interoperability

SCCv1.1 interacts directly with existing tactical radios, partner nation radios, SATCOM assets, mobile phones and commercial push-to-talk radios. Supporting simultaneous audio and data radio interoperability, the SCCv1.1 allows operators to share data between disparate legacy and modern tactical radio networks.

Reliable, Flexible Cross-Connection

The Web-based interface helps you connect different networks in minutes, and lets you change your setup as the mission evolves.


• 3 Analog Audio Channels
• 1 Operator Handset (H-250/U)
• 1 Ethernet port
• 3 Serial connections for remote configuration of select US Tactical Radios
• 2 Data Channels for Legacy US Tactical Radios
• 1 Standard E1 ground lug
• Web-Based interface
• Remotely Configurable
• Ability to connect to multiple units


  • Size: 16.63” x 1.72” x 8.00” deep (42.2cm x 4.4cm x 20.3cm)
    – Fits EIA-310 Standard 19” Racks
  • Power: 18 Watts (Typical) 11-24VDC
  • Weight: 6 lbs (13.2kg)


  • Audio & Data Interface Cables
  • Remote Radio Control Cables
  • External power cables (AC, DC/Vehicle)