Wide Area Surveillance Systems

Trident develops and sustains integrated air/ground defense systems using radars and slew-to-cue EO/IR cameras for rapid detection, identification, and classification of imminent threats. Trident’s expertise is focused on design, systems engineering, software development, and sustainment support. Engineers hold necessary security clearances and are well versed in working in secure environments.  Trident currently supports several critical integrated air defense systems in the National Capital Region.

Wide Area Surveillance Systems

Trident has developed and currently sustains multiple integrated air/ground defense systems, including the application software, hardware integration, site installation, maintenance, and upgrades.  Trident provides design, installation, integration, and operations support for critical operations centers, headquarters facilities, and remote sites in the National Capital Region.  Trident provides sustainability support for the operationally fielded air defense software, system upgrades and expanded capabilities, and manages local fusion centers.

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Multi Sensor Control Suite


The MSCS supports the rapid integration of a wide variety of radars, correlators, communications devices, cameras, and processors for detection and tracking of airborne or ground-based threats.  Its networked architecture supports multi-site connectivity and coordination of remote sensors located in mobile or fixed settings.  Operators can monitor and control the MSCS using slew-to-cue sensors to accelerate threat classification over wide surveillance areas.

Mobile Security Surveillance System


A rapidly deployable mobile tower with integrated radars, EO/IR video sensors, track correlation, communications, display and control, Trident’s MS3 provides real-time surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence for area security and border protection. The MS3 incorporates a mobile tower and a sensor suite that provides the capability to detect, track and identify aircrafts, vehicles and dismounted individuals at significant ranges in challenging environments.

Software Test Optimization Tools

ICS develops software testing tools which analyze software changes to determine impacts on regression testing. These tools can be applied to large-scale integrated systems, supporting analysis at the system level.


When run on a new software build, this tool eliminates the subjective, costly, and inaccurate activities associated with regression test identification. SCIAT automatically & objectively identifies regression tests to execute on each new build of a complex system to minimize the occurrence of future bugs. In addition to identifying impacted regression tests and source code dependencies, SCIAT provides impacts to the SysML Model in terms of behavior, interfaces and safety critical areas.