Trident Systems has delivered Miniature Secure Communications Controller (Mini-SCC) radio interoperability kits to the Eighth United States Army, US Forces Korea (USFK), providing voice bridge technology for immediate communications with partner nations.

Fairfax, Virginia (PRWEB) 29 January 2021

The Mini-SCC supports audio bridging of dissimilar radios including tactical radios, (HF, UHF, VHF), SATCOM, public safety radios, partner nation radios, and cellular networks.  A key feature of the Mini-SCC is its ability to cross-link incompatible audio devices regardless of type, half or full-duplex operation, COMSEC or frequency hopset. Multiple independent radio networks can be cross-linked while maintaining their own unique parameters (e.g. encryption, frequency).

Trident’s latest generation Mini-SCCv1.1 is a small form-factor (1.55” x 4.15” x 6.28”) man-portable unit for mobile operation and field use. It offers multi-channel audio cross-connection, integral audio conferencing, rapid configuration changes, support for AA batteries, 5590 batteries or AC power, MIL-STD environmental and electromagnetic compliant packaging, and waterproof operation.

“Communication interoperability is a challenge for US forces working with alliances and partnerships.” said Joe Harrington, Trident’s Head of Corporate Development and former

NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps’ Deputy CofS Ops & CG US Army Africa.  “Trident’s Mini-SCC is simple to use and effectively links disparate radio systems regardless of the nation’s COMSEC.  US Forces need this capability now to fight more effectively with alliances, partners and when working with other US first responders.”

Ease of operation is a hallmark of the Mini-SCC. Operators can setup the Mini-SCC to cross-link radios in seconds, and can configure it for more advanced operation through a simple web-browser.  When in operation, the web-browser is not required, and front panel buttons allow for instant configuration changes in the field.

“The Mini-SCC represents our company’s focus on providing affordable leading-edge innovation to increase the effectiveness of our warfighters,” said James O’Looney, Vice President, Integrated C4I Systems Business Unit.  “Trident is proud to support to the Eighth Army with this technology, and we are confident that it will simplify and improve communications with our Korean allies and other partner nations.”