Trident was selected as a winner in the US Army xTech SBIR competition, “Topic F: Condition Based Maintenance for Combat Vehicles”, which focuses on increasing Army vehicle fleet operational readiness by predicting component failure and therefore reducing unplanned maintenance.


Trident Systems Inc. received notification that its Predictive Maintenance Analyzer (PMA) was selected for funding through the US Army Applied SBIR program. This Direct-to-Phase II (D2PhII) announcement is the culmination of three rounds of evaluation within the US Army xTech SBIR competition, which was completed in November.

The Predictive Maintenance Analyzer will support advanced prognostics and diagnostics of vehicle health by autonomously transmitting critical data to operators and maintenance support personnel. This information will allow maintenance experts to assess impending faults, order appropriate repair parts and prepare actions necessary to service the vehicle in question.

The PMA builds off Trident’s extensive experience in the field of predictive maintenance. Trident provides prognostic and health monitoring solutions for a variety of tactical vehicles, vessels, and platforms, manned and unmanned, employed across the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command.

These condition-based maintenance (CBM) systems include on-board data capture and analysis of critical sensors across the platform, on-board diagnostics, failure prediction and alerts, as well as automatic data off-boarding (transmitting imminent maintenance concerns to appropriate support personnel) to support fleet-wide data trend analysis.

“The Predictive Maintenance Analyzer is another example of Trident’s dedication to the development of critical CBM systems for US tactical vehicles,” said James O’Looney, Vice President, Integrated C4I Systems Business Unit. “The PMA will increase the operational readiness rates of combat vehicles, improve the safety of our warfighter’s prime movers, and lower the lifecycle maintenance costs.”