RFSoC Digital RF Transceiver (RDRT)

A 3U VPX multi – channel RF processor based on the Xilinx XQ-ZU28DR RF System on Chip (RFSoC). Offering 8 ADC and 8 DAC channels in a radiation-mitigated design, the RF processor includes on-board DDR4, NAND and redundant NOR memory, as well as a high-speed mezzanine site. Mezzanine site supports RF-differential pairs, synchronous control interface and high-speed GPIO for a wide variety of RF Front Ends and applications.

8 Simultaneous wideband TX and RX Channels with on-board processing

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Multi-Channel RF and Processing

Trident’s RDRT is based on our powerful, flexible multifunction RF and processing architecture, providing programmability over all key RF/Processing features in a very small size, weight, and power footprint. A mission enabling design, the RDRT can be incorporated at the module level or used as part of Trident’s MFREU Products.

Mission Ready

A proven Radiation Effects Mitigated architecture, coupled with radiation tolerant components, redundancy and a robust mechanical design, provide a low C-SWaP, high reliability module for a wide range of applications. Hardware, Software, Firmware customization available with a wide range of FW/SW deployment options

RDRT Features

Ruggedization: XQ-package in LVAUX SEL-mitigated Configuration
Application Processing Unit: Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
Real-Time Processing Unit: Dual-core ARM Cortex-R5F
Connectivity: 4 PS-GTR, 16 GTY Transceivers
Programmable Logic (PL): 850,560 Flip-Flops, 425,280 LUTs, 1,080 Block RAM, 4,272 DSP Slices

Mezzanine Features

Active and Passive RF Front Ends
High-Speed GPIO and Control
Custom Device Integration 



3U VPX, 1″ pitch, < 900g, ~24 W (TYP), +65 C rail temp


Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC XQZU28DR-1FFRC1760M


4 GB PL and 4 GB PS high-speed DDR4; 50 Gbit/sec sustained read/write with ECC
1 GB NAND Flash
128 MB Redundant NOR Flash

Mezzanine Site:

8-pairs (4 TX and 4 RX) 100-ohm differential RF
Configurable, high-speed GPIO

Fault Tolerance:

Configuration Upset Immune ProASIC for RFSoC Power Control
RHBD Watchdog Timer


Balanced design assurance plan for Class B-D Missions
TID 25 krad minimum (TYP) No DESL LET <= 37 MeV-cm^2/mg

RF Performance:

Eight 12-bit 4 GSPs ADCs
Eight 14-bit 6.5 GSPs DACs