Space Qualified Digital RF Transceiver (SQDRT)


A high, performance, high-reliability 3U VPX RF processor based on the Xilinx Virtex-5QV FPGA with a high-speed ADC/DAC/PLL Mezzanine Card. Multiple build options to support orbital and interplanetary missions including Synthetic Aperture Radar, Communications, Signal Collection/Analysis, On-Board Processing and more. On-orbit since 2019.

Mission Ready Multi-Function RF and On-Board Processing

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Re-programmable Multi-Function RF

Trident’s SQDRT is based on our powerful, flexible multifunction RF and processing architecture, providing programmability over all key RF/Processing features in a very small size, weight, and power footprint. A mission enabling design, the SQDRT can be incorporated at the module level or used as part of Trident’s MFREU Products.

Mission Ready

TRL9 with multiple RF modalities, a mission-ready solution using radiation-hardened parts, redundancy, a robust mechanical design and multiple build options to
provide a low C-SWaP, high performance module. Reference designs and custom FW development available as well as custom integration for a wide range of missions.

Additional Features

Ruggedization: High-Shock, High-Vibration, Up to QML Class
Interfaces: Serial RapidIO, SpaceWire, LVDS, LVTTL and single-ended 50 ohm RF
FPGA: 131,072 CLBs, 10,728 Kb Max Block RAM, 320 DSP Slices
Reprogrammability: Up to two (2) simultaneous FPGA bit files in MRAM (compression required)
Customization: Custom FW and custom mezzanine designs available from reference designs

Mezzanine Options

Wideband Receiver & Exciter

Dual 12-bit ADC – ADC12D1600QML
Single 12-bit DAC – EV12DS130B
1.6 GHz On-Board Q-Tech Oscillator

8-Channel Sampler

Eight, 12-bit/50 MSps ADCs – RHF1201
Channel synchronization
CAL-tone distribution network



3U VPX, 1″ pitch, < 800g (mezzanine dependent), <50 W (FPGA and Mezzanine)
-20 C to +50 C operating temperature range
Accepts VITA-78 +12V, +3.3V, +5V Power Rails

FPGA Options:

Xilinx Virtex5 XQR5VFX130 or XQ5VFX130T depending on build option


16 MB QDR II+ SRAM Memory w/EDAC (2M x 72-bit)
1024 MB DDR II SDRAM memory w/EDAC (two independent 64M x 72-bit banks)
MRAM for FPGA Configuration and Load Storage

Mezzanine Site:

High-speed LVDS and GPIO interface
Coherent Exciter/Receiver (12-bit 3.0 GSPS DAC and 12-bit 3.2 GSPS ADC)
On-board PLL/oscillator or from external reference clock (up to 2 GHz)


Balanced design assurance plan for Class A-D Missions
Fault-tolerant Microsemi CPLD to configure FPGA and low-level board monitor/control
All components selected for high latchup immunity and total dose, up to 100 krad
Radiation-hardened POL voltage-converters for on-board power generation