Versal Digital RF Transceiver (VDRT)

The VDRT is a revolutionary 3U VPX processor based on the Xilinx VC1902 Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) with AI core. The VDRT will provide never-before available processing power and mezzanine expansion in an industry leading C-SWaP product.

Breakthrough Performance in a 3U VPX Module

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RF and Processing On The Edge

Trident’s VDRT leverages the full capability of the revolutionary Xilinx Versal ACAP. The VDRT combines Scalar Engines, Adaptable Engines, Intelligent Engines in a fully software programmable platform. Built on Trident’s demonstrated 3U VPX architecture, the VDRT will enable a wide range of on-oribt RF and processing previously not available.

Mission Enabling

A proven Radiation Effects Mitigated architecture, coupled with radiation tolerant components, redundancy and a robust mechanical design, provide a low C-SWaP, high reliability module for a wide range of applications. Hardware, Software, Firmware customization available with a wide range of FW/SW deployment options.

VC1902 Features

Ruggedization: 7nm radiation tolerant SoC
Application Processing Unit: Dual-Core ARM CortexTM-A72
Real-Time Processing Unit: Dual-core ARM CortexTM-R5F
AI Core Engines: 400
Programmable Logic (PL): 899,840 LUTs, 191Mb Block RAM, 1,968 DSP Slices



3U VPX, 1″ pitch, < 900g, ~TBD W (TYP), +65 C rail temp


Xilinx Versal AI Core XQ+VC1902
Programmable Network on Chip (NoC)


Two (independent) 8 GB [TBR] x72 DDR4 Memory Banks with ECC
DDR4 banks are assignable based on application
32 GB (minimum) NAND Flash; 256 MB Redundant NOR Flash

Mezzanine Site:

16 GTY transceivers
Compatible with ADC/DAC/PLL, SSD, and Custom Mezzanine Cards

Fault Tolerance:

Configuration Upset Immune PolarFire System Controller
RHBD Watchdog Timer


Balanced design assurance plan for Class B-D Missions
Versal: no SEL and meets 5-7 year TID for LEO missions


PCIe Gen4 compliance; 32.75 Gb/s transceivers